Services Offered

Freelancer - Independent Contractor


As a "Freelancer" you are responsible for all of your own taxes.  Fort Hood Freelancing does NOT take any taxes out of your payroll check.   A 1099 Form will be completed upon placement with a Client, in addition to setting up your Direct Deposit.

*Freelancers are not eligible to receive benefits, unemployment, or overtime.

Certification Courses


Courses can vary by client and can range between $5-$300 per Certification. *Fort Hood Freelancing offers reimbursement up to $50 for every completed Certification Course taken. *Payable upon completion of the course.  **Fort Hood Freelancing LLC., does not pay for the time spent in a certification course in the client portal. As a Freelancer, you are 100% responsible for obtaining the necessary training to properly serve your clients business needs.

Flat Rate Fees


Fort Hood Freelancing has a low flat rate service fee of $60.00 per invoice (pay period) in addition to the Software Fee assessed by our Partner (Arise) of $19.75 per invoice. Total deduction per invoice of $79.75.

Our "Service Fee' includes; client fee's, payroll fees, software expenses, admin support, 24/7 technical support, direct deposit fees, a charitable donation, and more.  Services are offered beginning on Day 1.

Certification Vouchers


Fort Hood Freelancing LLC., will periodically offer a 'Voucher' to help reduce the cost of your Certification & Training Course up to $50. 

The 'Vouchers' could cover a portion of the course OR the entire course fee at face value.  Vouchers are limited, offered by select clients, or by scholarship.  


Income Potential


  • Work as little or as much as you want
  • Set your own schedule
  • No "hidden' FEES
  • Nothing extra 'withheld'
  • Quarterly incentives
  • Sign on BONUS's *Offered throughout the year
  • Referral incentives for when your friend registers and complete more than 45+ days

How Do I Start?


  1. Complete the Application and Registration process.
  2. Ensure that you have a computer that meets the technical requirements for your Client.
  3. Purchase a USB headset to use during your Certification Course. *It must plug into your computer.
  4. Purchase a headset that will plug into a telephone (NOT cordless). *If your client requires one.
  5. Prepare to have a LAND LINE telephone or a digital phone line installed by your cable or internet company. *Must be done prior to Certification Course if required by your Client.
  6. Complete our W9, Independent Contractor Agreement, and set up your Direct Deposit PRIOR to starting your 1st Certification Course.
  7. Join our Facebook Business Page to stay informed about important announcements and client opportunities.

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