About Us


Our Mission

To protect, honor, and serve those who served our country by bringing remote lucrative work for both them and their families.  Offering the work and financial freedom that can meet the challenges and adapt to the ever changing life style of the military.


Our Vision

Our vision at Fort Hood Freelancing LLC, is to continue to connect business professionals and independent contractors with lucrative and reputable opportunities that will increase the financial capabilities of our service members and their families.  

We strive to bring freedom to their lives by giving these professionals remote - resilient freelance opportunities that they can take with them as they move throughout their military career.

We look forward to making an impact within our local community by offering unique career opportunities to not only the military and military affiliated, but also civilians as well. 

Our dream is to help improve the outlook for anyone who truly seeks financial independence, while offering unique, one-of-a-kind work opportunities in the Central Texas and surrounding areas.


Founder & CEO

Jennifer Turner

The CEO of Fort Hood Freelancing and former military spouse, Ms. Turner has over 8 years of personal experience with the military in addition to growing up in a military family. 

Ms. Turner brings with her 30+ years of ongoing customer service experience and 12 years of freelancing. Jennifer was a successful multi-million-dollar business owner in Montana for over 14 years before moving back to Texas this past year. 

When asked what she feels is her greatest accomplishment, Jennifer states, “My ability to give back to my community and associates.” When the economy crashed in 2007-2008; Jennifer was The Qpon Lady, that was featured and broadcasted on TV broadcasts, newspaper columns and radio stations in Montana helping others save thousands of dollars in groceries and goods. This also helped Ms. Turner's local food bank fill their inventory, at a time when the economy and community needed the help most! 

When Jennifer is not helping her community and associates, she enjoys sports including; football and competitive archery along with cooking and baking.